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EDIT new link: pages.xyz/type/checkout Hey PH! Happy to launch Checkout Pages, a curated directory of the best checkout pages. I get tons of feedbacks after the launches of Pricing Pages & Product Pages, so I've decided to extend the concept again! New features! • Better global UI/UX, you can navigate more easily between the x-pages.xyz • Super fast search powered by Algolia • Submit a page through a new flashy popover! • Grid mode! Feel free to comment your feedbacks, and to recommend your pages 🙌🏻 Also, you can follow me on twitter for updates.
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@tchret you've made some awesome collections. keep it up!
@_jacksmith Thanks a lot Jack
@tchret Love your directories, great for getting some inspiration! What are you using for that hovering Product Hunt link at the bottom?
@ramin thanks 😄 made it from scratch with react + rails
@tchret Very neat idea!! However, the page is erroring out when I hit "Get It". Would definitely love to check it out ..esp when we're in the middle of integrating Stripe and designing Pricing and Checkout Pages for my startup.
What makes them great? They look good? They convert well? Some context beyond "looks pretty" would be a great addition. Maybe talk to the designers and PMs who built them to understand why they made certain choices. We spent many months on our checkout at Hover.com and beyond the "look and feel" we paid a ton of attention to field validation, user patterns for how people think about expiry dates, and other data.
@jameskoole I do my best to be the most objective possible, feel free to submit your checkout page :)
@jameskoole I think these are excellent lists for PM's doing quick "how have others" research. Of course checkout design should be based on primary research and are totally contextual (we should never blindly copy). But a quick scan of these pages can offer some solid test ideas, such as: - Should checkout page include FAQs? - Should we reinforce features / benefits on checkout page? - Should SaaS companies frame their annual plan as a discounted monthly rate? BTW I think hover's UX is great, very minimal and always a fast and painless checkout process. Love the attention to detail!
@mikefiorillo Thanks for the feedback. I agree - we looked at a ton of checkouts and tried to figure out which elements would work best for us, along with gathering a bunch of feedback from customers on pain points for our current checkout. @tchret The curation of the pages is great - I guess I'm hoping you'll take the that next step beyond just the visuals and delve into some analysis of what makes them great. Kind of like a targeted PH for UX elements like checkouts, product pages, signup pages, and even things like preference management.
This looks like a really cool website for people who have an online business. Love the UI/UX Thanks @tchret
@steve__gertz thanks a lot Steve, I try to focus on pages who transform users to customers!
I have often been searching for something like this! Have you considered adding some kind of filter functionality to only display a certain type of businesses? As of right now I'm looking for inspiration on b2b SaaS checkouts.
@henningsillerud I'm working on a tags system :)
Another solid submission from @tchret - Can't wait 'til the UX panopticon has a full suite of elements to explore - like imgur for the state of the art in web interfaces.
@elizabethhunker 🙌🏻 thanks Elizabeth