Checkout on Instagram

Buy a product you love, directly on Instagram

Today, we’re introducing checkout on Instagram. When you find a product you love, you can now buy it without leaving the app.
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nothing more.




Just let people store their photos and communicate with friends. Stop shoving consumerism down their throats.

We knew this was coming so not so shocked by it. It will be interesting to see when they start charging the brands a % of all transactions. Having said that however, what a beautiful loop it will be for them to track ROAS from campaign to purchase to this extent. Keep you spending even more as a business and consumer as they track how many items you have in the basket what you liked what you didn't also based on your intent based on your likes etc, truly the platform of choice for any non techie who can't be bothered with Shopify, wordpress and various other platforms that take fucking ages to set up for a basic product. Take picture, tag, set price, description, sizes and list. Once listed promote directly. I see a CRM integration next also. Actually I see a lot coming from them from this one thing. A lot. Amazon has no idea a new apex predator has arrived. Finally.
game over.
Great, I've always thought parting with my money was too difficult. Instagram to the rescue! Seriously, this is so seamless it could be illegal. Like how some countries have banned the sale of the Amazon Tap reorder devices.
I'm interested to see how this affects the FB share price, this is pretty huge!