Checkout 51

Buy groceries, earn cash back

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Wonder why this one didn't get upvoted as much as Groupon Snap Reviews seem to indicate that Checkout 51 is actually better.
This service is very much similar to Groupon Snap or Ibotta -- you simply scan your receipts and get cash back on participating products. Pros: - They have some pretty common products. - Like Groupon Snap, you're not restricted by store (you can scan receipts from ANY store). Ibotta restricts you by store. - Very simple, linear interface. Cons: - The selection of products is a bit limited. - Limited functionality. - Minimum withdrawal is $20. Groupon Snap is also $20. Ibotta is $10. - No friend referral program. Ibotta gives you $5 when friend redeems their first rebate, Groupon Snap gives you $1.