Create, like, comment and share lists. One-tap search items

Interesting. I downloaded the app but unfortunately there seems to be no way to use it without having to register first. Even just being able to scroll through the app without actually being able to use it would be fine by me. There are so many apps that I like to try but I'm not going to register with each and everyone of them just so I can try them out :(
@lucas_gransier Hi Lucas, thanks for the feedback, we are currently working on 'anonymous' mode so that you can use the app without signing in, and an 'explore' section so that you can find cool lists of stuff to follow. I'll message you as soon as the update is live on the store 😀
I read this as "create like, comment, and share lists" and immediately thought it was a YouTube thing. :)
@joshdance I'll work on updating that strapline!