Simple, collaborative checklists. Not powered by AI

CheckLister is a simple app dedicated to quickly creating checklists and sharing them if needs be.

I wanted to build something where I could send a checklist to someone and they could use it without needing to create an account somewhere, or have some app already installed.

It's very much an MVP right now. Please tell me how to improve it.

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I do really like simple checklists πŸ˜… But I opened it, tried to click on a first item and got an error "due to inactivity". Also does it really need to reload the page every time I click on an item? It takes forever -_-
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@rdev thanks for the feedback. I’ll look at that. The speed issue may be to do with the fact that I have it on free dynos on Heroku. Thanks a lot for checking it out and giving the feedback. This is what the MVP is all about. πŸ‘
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Hi everyone. Delighted to have my CheckLister MVP on Product Hunt. I'm often out and about and my wife will ask me to collect some things from the shops, or vice versa. We'll generally send each other an iMessage with a list but I find this annoying, especially if it's a long list. I wanted something quick and easy that could be shared with anyone. The checklist recipient does not need an account, they do not need to have some app already installed. This works for me. I've been using it and I've already identified improvements, but in the spirit of agile and lean, I just wanted to get it out there. Hope you can check it out. PS. I also wanted to mention how I see 'checklists' as different from 'to do' lists. It's subtle but hear me out :-) For me, a to do list is a list that exists over time; days, weeks, months etc. A checklist is something that gets blitzed all in one session. While at the shops, or preparing to leave on a trip, or while you're setting up a machine etc etc. Would like to hear your thoughts on that too.
Holy crap I didn't realise this was on the homepage today. I have upped the servers on heroku. @rdev