The simplest way to make and share checklists.

The simplest way to make, share, and find checklists.

Keep organized • Collaborate with friends or co-workers • Grow your brand.

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So like, the 43Things of 2015?
Nice and simple.
@dshan Simpole is the goal...remove features when possible.
^ Agree. I appreciate the simplicity.
New Feature: Checkli Pro Checkli Pro lets content marketers publish and share checklists with the world. Pro members get SEO-friendly URLs Pro members have their own home Pro Page Pro members can add their logo, colors, and contact info Pro members can upload a featured image Anyone can embed their checklists on your blog or website
Marvin, you have got to make it easier to cancel a subscription. I was using Checkli and now I do not need it and its still trying to charge my credit card. You do not have any contact numbers on your site and I need my card removed.