Checkaso 1.0

Use data to increase app visibility & organic traffic πŸ“ˆ

Checkaso is an analytical app store optimization (ASO) platform that rates your ASO quality and provides you with up-to-date data on keywords, competitors, and ratings to improve it and conquer app stores.
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Hi, fellow Hunters! We at Checkaso are continuing to build a tool to help you get your app to #1 in app stores and increase its visibility, organic traffic, and conversion rate with optimization. Let's see how Checkaso simplifies every part of the app store optimization: 1, 2, 3... start 🎒 Literally. It takes seconds to start and plan your way to top positions. Once you add an app, Checkaso has a keyword welcome pack and the list of main competitors for you to track and analyze. Find right (key)words for your app πŸ” Collect every single keyword that fits your app and analyze detailed info about their popularity, competitiveness and relevance. Grow your audience with every update πŸ—Ί Plan updates with our Text editor to cover as many keywords as possible on your app page and translate it for different locales. Do some spy work πŸ‘€ To win the traffic, make sure to track your competitors and their activities. Use the Comparative analysis tool to compare your app with competitors and get precious insights on how to outrun them. Use shortcuts to your users ⚑️ Use rating and reviews data to improve your app with wanted features and bug fixes. It's also a great way to check user feedback on your updates. Remember that optimization is an ongoing process so keep working on it to succeed and we at Checkaso will make our best to help you with it. And great things are coming so stay tuned! Make sure to check all of these and many other tools in action with a 7-day trial. And it'd be awesome to get your feedback and answer your questions 🌟
@akuheika thanks for your support 😊
The most user friendly ui among all aso services!
@crepkrps thanks for your feedback! I'll send it to our design team as it's their work result 🌟
Happy to be part of the team and use Checkaso in my work for optimizing apps πŸ’₯
@kate_chizhova and we're very happy to have you on our team 😸
I use your platform for KWO, like it a lot, thank you!
@aleksandr_lanin we're glad to hear you like our platform, Aleksandr! Stay tuned as more helpful features are coming 😎