Automatic status and coordination - no training required.

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Hey Product Hunt! Check is the second app that pushd has launched on PH, and we'd love to hear from the community. We've been working for almost three years on automatic location and status. Our last app, Steven, turned your status into emoji. The feedback and response we received on Product Hunt was critical to evolving our work on Check. Check exposes more of the raw technology to our users and lets them see exactly what their friends and family are up to, always, without any training. It aims to replace the text messages we found ourselves sending everyday with the same "on my way home" message. We've built a custom alerts framework that lets you get real-time push notifications when your friends' status changes. Let us know what you think!
Congrats, pushd! I've had fun playing with your location-based apps over the past year, including Steven, the unreleased Gummy, and a few others. Check seems to be more of a utility than your past apps (and with a less silly name ๐Ÿ˜„). How did you guys come up with Check?
@rrhoover Check grew naturally out of our other attempts in this space. We found that with Steven there were a lot of little things here and there that we became addicted to, like an experimental feature that let you set favorite friends and get real-time emoji updates about their life. Steven (and our other app attempts) ultimately failed as a social network but we were very intrigued by the utility aspects. I personally use Find My Friends with my wife and closest friends but have always found it to be slow and unreliable. We knew we could build something better - so we decided to focus on utility and see what happens. Check is the result of that focus. Since Check became usable about four weeks ago it's become essential to me and everyone else on the team. We hope that other people find as much utility in it as we have!
Love this idea. In the moment product feedback: in new-user flow, I wish I could add add'l locations using an address or pin-drop (work, school, others) instead of waiting to visit them.
Congratulations, @bcherry and pushd. How Check is different from Life360?
@ychw Thanks, Yuchen. Life360 is a great app, and definitely similar. Check is focused on automatically distilling your status information into a textual format (as much as possible). Instead of maps we show you types of activities like "at a restaurant" or "on the move". This text-first approach makes the data a lot more portable than a map. For instance, it's easy to send meaningful status information in a push notification, or present it at a glance on your wrist if it's text-based.
@bcherry I see. That makes sense. Good luck!