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Check my Presets help photographers and creators to sell their Lightroom presets in a visual way ✌🏽
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Hello everyone, thanks for reading this. I have been working on marketing for 5 years but during quarantine in Spain I decided to start studying web development. It was really hard but I’m so excited to show you all my first product as a Junior developer. A few days ago I launched Check my Presets. A website where photographers and creators can create a store of presets (Lightroom filters) and earn money selling them. Currently we have +700 stores, +700 presets uploaded and +80 orders. This is incredible for me. Now I am facing the final boss, the market. It is very hard and has already defeated me many times in the past. But we keep fighting. PD: I have created a step by step tutorial to learn how to create your own presets with Lightroom and start selling them with your own store in Check my Presets. You can download it free here:
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Love your project Jacinto! I ve been already sold some of my presets thanks to your web. Amazing job, I wish you lots of luck.
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@diana_terekhova1 Thank you Diana! I'm so glad a real user is commenting here in Product Hunt. This is Diana's Check my Presets Store:
A Shopify for presets stores, that's great! :)
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@carlos_montesinos Cool definition. It would be a great tagline :) Thank you Carlos!
It is a great way of setting up a way to sell presets. Definitely an amazing product for photographers/influences that want to star monetizing!
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@vaughtton Thank you so much Alex. One user has earned 60$ in a few hours and I'm so excited this is working.
It's one of the best ideas I ever seen in my life❀
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@odynavidia Wow, thank you so much!