Check My Password

Allowing you to check your password on any website

Check My Password is a basic chrome extension tool to allow you to "Show" your password on any site. There are a few similar tools that currently exist. Was a fun project

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@dnham_preen How have you liked this product so far?
I would like to try but before I would love to hear more about safety since we are talking about passwords here.
@gokcetosun I haven't tried this, but if I were going to guess, I'd assume the only thing this extension does is the same as what every website that allows showing your password on the input does (toggling the type from "password" to "text")
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@goodsceptic typo fail, yes. Thanks. Fixed.
@gokcetosun Its a very valid point, Chase describes exactly what it does and the only other thing to note is that it converts the password back to type password onblur of the input. If you're worried about security I think you are able to view the actual code, . Also another option is to open network in the inspector and see if any unusual requests are going out although this is quite tedious plus I don't think I would have gotten past the chrome review process if I was doing that. The only thing I would like to change is set the show password to on double click by default. Thanks @chasegiunta
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