Cheat Day

The healthiest items from every fast food restaurant

#2 Product of the DayOctober 07, 2018

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Cheat Day is a free app that shows you the healthiest items from every fast food restaurant.

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Get exact nutrition info from every item on the menu

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100% Free.

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@sarbosss where did you gather all this data from and how long did it take?
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@sarbosss is it created in swift or react native ?
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@sarbosss Wow, Swift in 2 weeks. You're a man. What source did you use to learn it?
@csaba_kissi I mainly watched this udemy course and did a lot of googling
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@sarbosss Thank you for the information.

That's actually awesome idea, would help people who like to eat healthy but not extremist.


Would help many people to choose their food during hangouts


UI/UX could be better.

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Cool idea
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UI design needs to be improved. Doesn't draw attention.
Certainly a helpful for when stuck eating on the road when you are trying to follow a diet. I agree that the design could be tightened up but I like the idea. If I could select a meal and import it into a calorie counting app like My Fitness Pal that would be even better.