Super-fast transcription for 10 cents a minute offers the cheapest and fastest transcription on the Internet. With a combination of machine learning and human proofreaders, we are able to turn an audio file into text in a few minutes instead of a few hours.
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Hey, guys, I got tired to paying too much for transcription so I made this with my friend. Please give it a look!
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@johnbiggs Do you guarantee the accuracy of transcription? I see that you combine the power of ML and human work but what we should expect from your service? Just an ordinary speech to text API like Google OR Amazon provided - or a human-supported service that we can use?
@yigitkonur we are adding a human supported option that will clean things up for more precise needs. Right now this works best for situations where you need a few simple quotes out of a longer talk. That said, the accuracy is very solid and getting better.
How large file I can upload right now?
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When this gets to the point were I could use it for a book let me know because I want to dictate a book. I'll be keeping my eye on this though and congrats on bringing it to market.
@johnbiggs Do the transcriptions include line breaks when speakers change?