Cheapflights EscEscape

Find a cheap flight using your keyboard Esc key.

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Juho S
All great roads go through PH
Cool idea and excellent UI with the site. However when I press esc x 2, my chrome takes me to no search results just the main page?
@juhslk thanks for checking out EscEscape Juho. Glad you like the site UI :). We should have mentioned that at the moment search functionality in the extension works in the US, UK, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Anywhere else it takes you to the global version of the Cheapflights site. Apologies for not mentioning it sooner. If you're keen to check out the double tap search you change your departure airport to a city based in one of the countries mentioned and then double tap. Just click on the Esc icon in the top right of your browser and 'edit' and 'save' your departure airport.
Hey, this idea seems great! One thing I dont like about it is that it basically always brings me to about 5 locations. I want it to continue generating new places instead of cycling between some five.
@andrey_lukin thanks Andrey, glad you liked it. You're right, you get 5 destinations from that departure airport per day. There's a new 5 everyday. They're pulled from a list of around two hundred bespoke to the country you're departing from. Caping the number made it lighter and quicker to use. I get your point though, maybe we could look at increasing the number a bit, from 5 to 15 maybe? ✋🏽✋🏿✋🏼
Kyle DumovicUX Designer at
But what if you don't have a physical escape key because Apple thought it would be a great idea to get rid of it?? In all seriousness, their intro video is fantastic!
@kdumovic thanks Kyle *blushes* ☺️☺️☺️
Shauli DaonFounder at
I'm in for any cheap flights plugin/addin/app!
@shauli_daon thanks Shauli, cheap flights for all ✈️
Pleasance Coddington
Group Head of Content and Social Media
Thank you for hunting EscEscape :) Quick overview of EscEscape: It’s a Chrome extension that turns your Esc key into a real escape button. Double tap Esc and it will find you flights to a nearby holiday destination in seconds. So when you hit rock bottom and need a change of scenery, just double tap Esc and we’ll instantly find you the perfect weekend getaway, based on price, flight time and your location, all using the @Cheapflights flight search API. Finding a cheap flight has never been easier. A video speaks a thousand words so check out this funny animation to learn more - Any questions or comments we'd love to hear from you :)