Buy Artwork for Cheap!

@eriktorenberg Thanks for your comment. I'm the founder of, the company that powers Cheap Art Classifieds; and AREA 17 the agency that designed it. The platform is inspired by the Cheap Art Parties that I used to host in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Themed after the "Cheap Art Manifesto" by the Bread and Puppet Theater, these annual events hosted hundreds of artists for a one night exhibition/party in which all works were sold under $100. The ‘Cheap’ in ‘Cheap Art’ is not meant to degrade the value of art but rather celebrate the everyday consumption of it. Our walls don’t need to be decorated with mass-produced prints from Ikea, but rather original works created by our neighbors. That's the idea at least! Let's consume art like good bread – daily, fresh and cheap! But if you're not into that, cool cool. I then recommend that you use the other website we created called where you can explore all the great gallery and museum artwork in Paris. Kind regards, George ps: I live in Paris and bread here is truly served daily, fresh and cheap. In fact, I'm writing this comment while eating the hot baguette I just picked up this morning from our corner bakery for 85¢ ... yum!
welp. artists who have a tough time processing the commercialization of their art can't feel great about this.
@eriktorenberg I was just coming here to post that same comment, beat me to it. :D
@eriktorenberg I do not think so. They are not competing with galleries. They are trying to create an art market for all. everyone wants an art, but they may not afford it. Here is artists can distribute their affordable arts.
@ozguralaz Yeah, I think you're right! It's based on the Cheap Art Manifesto: