Turn any message into a delegated todo, with just a touch.

Chattodo is a productivity app packaged as a chat first app. Save yourself time.

We have designed the product keeping in mind a fundamental truth about communication, that communication must be immediately followed by action. Everything else about productivity from channels to integrations, is secondary. Also, notes is, communication with self.

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@nischal interesting concept, would've loved to try it out but it's not on iOS yet. When are you gonna launch it on iOS?
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@amrith we will test and iterate it on Android over the next one month, and then we will get to iOS. In 60 days.
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Interesting concept!!
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is there anything like this for slack?
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I am in such need for this! Looking forward to the iOS version. Thank you and all the best guys!
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@dalalaldilaimi thank you! We will be having it on iOS in a couple of months :)
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