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Nice. What separates this from the *many* other bot builders out there?
@ggnall Thanks for asking this question! We bring you the amalgamation of Flow (goal oriented structured conversation) and AI. Apart from this, we have packed a lot of power (flexibility in rich content payloads by allowing you to request specific content from your back-end via APIs). We have developed our model after developing over 15 bots and testing over 1000, so it will definitely help you solve the problem of flexibility and context that you have been facing till now. Also, we have started working on a monetization mode, which will allow all bot makers to monetise their bot with the click of a button. Be on the lookout for that feature! Will be launching soon!
@adit_jain nice. What's the standard monetization method? Ad-supported?
@ggnall Yes. We have ads, cross-selling, affiliate, etc. modules coming up for developers.
@adit_jain @ggnall Are you using RadBots for monetization? :) - link for anyone else (Platforms, Bots, etc) that wants to monetize their bots!
@dpg @ggnall We are! Also open to talking with anyone who has a disruptive idea around monetization!
We are open to QnA for ChatterOn ( )
Please ask any questions you might have regarding the product! Your suggestions are also welcome!
Only Messenger? Any future plans for intergrations with skype, wechat etc?
@gijo_varghese We have launched ChatterOn for Messenger but are already working on more integrations on the sidelines. You'll see more integrations coming soon!
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