Chatterbox Smart Speaker Kit

Build & program-it-yourself smart speaker for kids

Chatterbox is the world’s first built-it-yourself, program-it-yourself smart speaker kit designed for kids to learn about artificial intelligence by creating their own voice-activated skills.
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7 Reviews5.0/5
I first saw Chatterbox a couple weeks back and was so excited to get one for my niece. There have been a ton of programming toys and whatnot... but emphasizing voice is definitely an interesting approach because it makes the use case so clear and fun. I know a lot of people with kids who extoll the virtues of them talking to Alexa, but now they can actually understand how it works! SO COOL.
Hey Product Hunters! This is my first launch on Product Hunt and excited to tell you all about Chatterbox. 👋 We built Chatterbox to solve the “kids and technology” problem. On one hand, kids are exposed to more and more screens and technology at an increasingly early age. On the other hand, devices these days are “black boxes” and kids have no idea how they work. That’s why I we created Chatterbox, the smart speaker that kids build themselves. One they’ve built it, they teach it how to talk using Google Blockly interface. Here’s how Chatterbox solves the problems technology is creating for kids: -By building Chatterbox, kids learn what smart speakers are made of -By teaching Chatterbox, smart speakers are de-mystified so kids understand them -By crafting conversations, kids learn how to communicate clearly with people -By using Chatterbox, kids have fun building and creating -By making Chatterbox their main computer, kids get their eyes off screens -By pressing the Chatterbox button to talk, kids get used to privacy, not surveillance -By exploring Chatterbox, kids learn programming concepts like intents, logic, conditionals to build voice apps -By re-using Chatterbox, kids learn environmental responsibility (everything is re-usable or recyclable) Every parent wants to prepare their kids for the future and we believe that the future is ubiquitous voice-interaction and AI. Chatterbox teaches them to build it, teach it, use it, control it and, above all, understand it. I’d love to hear any feedback/suggestions and answer any questions! 🙏
@kevinelgan WOW, goal met in like an hour... amazing! Congrats again! 🎉
@jsneedles Thanks! and thanks for the support!
We were able to witness children interact first hand with Chatterbox and was thoroughly impressed. Children begin their learning adventure immediately with the micro-challenge of assembly, then Chatterbox brilliantly steps up the challenges and children are again challenged with how to problem solve, program and create the interaction they wish to have with their own Chatterbox. Rather than teaching children to think within boundaries, this product pushes them outside the lines and the only limits are their imagination.
@wallace_chane Thanks for all the support and kind words!
Truthfully I can't wait to get one myself to build. As an adult in my 60's it is hard to keep up! Plus I know many families who might enjoy building this with their kids. What a great idea.
@linda_magruder_densmore Thank you for the support!
Awesome. Backed for next Christmas, as a present for my (then) nine year old.
@andreasduess Thanks for the support! That's an ideal age for Chatterbox. :)