Live chat with your to-be customers straight from your Slack

Live chat with your potential customers straight from your Slack. Beautiful chat interface for your customers, and the Slack app for your agents. All chat contacts are stored as leads and automatically tagged into segments. Nurture and engage them further to convert them into paying customers.

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Thank you @nikkielizdemere for hunting Chatterbox. We believe that for modern Internet Companies, every employee should take active participation to respond to live customer chats. Since Slack has become the de facto standard of communication in organizations, what better than allowing users to respond from the same Slack interface. In addition, all your Chat contacts will automatically get stored in a dynamic segment. You can create autoresponders, Drip, and Behavioral Campaigns to convert them into paying customers. In my personal experience, I have seen that when it comes to Live Chat, my customers expect an immediate response. Even if I may not have an answer, I can respond from my Slack mobile and ensure that someone in my company is working on the customer need. Resolution is secondary, the response is primary. Chatterbox will help reduce the response times to a matter of seconds since anyone (authorized in the Channel) in your organization will now be able to respond from their Slack. I hope that every internet company can benefit from improved customer success.
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Cannot get easier than this. This is so good.


This is really the most useful app in the Slack directory. Cannot get easier than this. This is so good.



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I just added Chatterbox to our Slack with a single click. So smooth. Cool product. Now waiting for my customers on my website.. lol
@venkatasoujanya Thank you for your feedback. Enjoy Chatterbox and make lots of money :-)

Most of the companies like ours will be super excited to move into the new dimensions of customer success with Chatterbox


Unlimited Agents! Super Cool


Needs Improvement