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#3 Product of the DayJuly 23, 2018

Chatterbot is a tool to create chatbots which are aimed to catch leads on your website, qualify them on the fly and assign conversations for you. By having qualified leads, you can focus on meaningful conversations and reply to customers from Slack, sending the info gathered to more than 1000 apps using Zapier.


  • Pros: 

    Easy to create and use. Can start conversations with leads. Can reply to them from Slack


    not found so far

    Chatterbot definitely takes a lot of work to engage with leads and qualify them which is actually great! But more importantly, it leaves space for human conversations. For example, while creating a bot, we can set the point to start conversations and autoassign them right away. After it’s great to reply to customers from Slack.

    Also, like to combine widget and landing mode.

    Dmitry Dudin has used this product for one month.
  • Jernej Pavlič
    Jernej PavličHead of Growth at Loop

    Very intuitive, great onboarding process with quick video examples.


    None so far!

    We were looking for something to help us automate our support experience on our website and this looks like a perfect fit. More importantly it can help us A/B test certain propositions on our websites - to get signs of early engagement and interest on our website changes. Very cool!

    Jernej Pavlič has used this product for one day.


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Vova  Tereschenko
Vova TereschenkoMaker@vova_tereschenko · Founder CHTB.IO
Thank you @chrismessina for hunting us! Hey hunters! The idea behind Chatterbot is to provide the most catchy and interactive way of acquiring customers. So we decided to make a bot builder where you can easily create system-based bots (not lean garbage 😂). The system is usually based around 4 steps: 1 - Catch leads 2 - Onboard 3 - Qualify 4 - Convert And there is a slick functionality related to every step. Generally it’s made to be used on websites, but you can also share a direct link to your bot on (like Here are a few words about each of the steps: 1. Bot can become a landing page on any specific website page like It can also engage with users actively, while remaining a widget shape. The aim is to engage leads precisely and to roughly sort them. 2. Once leads are using the bot, you can guide them by providing relevant content and complementing it with links, GIFs, videos, etc. 3. Bot is a great way to qualify leads because it does the whole process on the fly, gradually and selectively. Not like a form, which is usually one for everybody. So yes, you can stop asking individual questions regarding a company. You can also send the collected info to more than 1000 apps using Zapier integration. 4. When the process comes to the final stages, it’s wise to stop relying on your nice bot. So the bot can say 👋goodbye and 👉assign conversations for you. And you can focus on meaningful conversations enriched with useful info and reply to customers right from Slack using deep Slack integration. There is still a lot of flexibility in the builder, so you can add or subtract steps and use the bot for almost anything you want from promotions to customer support. Also, Chatterbot is free to use till the end of summer and there are some great offers for early users.
Vova  Tereschenko
Vova TereschenkoMaker@vova_tereschenko · Founder CHTB.IO
The best comment in personal chat so far "It’s like a chat version of typeform with real-time answers to questions."
Ricardo Diaz
Ricardo Diaz@ricardo_diaz
Awesome job, had full convo with Vova and the interaction really impressed me. I had questions initially but he was able to use the app exactly as intended and gained my support as a consumer. Well done.
Raphaël Chabaud
Raphaël Chabaud@raphchabaud · Growth & Product Marketer
Looks like a nice app, similar to
Vova  Tereschenko
Vova TereschenkoMaker@vova_tereschenko · Founder CHTB.IO
@raphchabaud Yes, we like, and other cool projects! Regarding the I want to say that we have human conversations which don't disappear on your website. If you click on "Sign up free" button, you will see Chatterbot widget. Also we have a strong Slack integration which does a lot of good.
Raphaël Chabaud
Raphaël Chabaud@raphchabaud · Growth & Product Marketer
@vova_tereschenko Ok I note 2 differentiating features indeed : 1. human take-over with slack integration (quite handy and valuable) 2. history and persistence of the chat after the interaction. Those are indeed 2 valuable features doesn't have as far as I know. Thanks for sharing
Vladimir Andrienko
Vladimir Andrienko@vladimir_andrienko
It’s good app.