Watch the game together

Watch the games together with ChatterBall!
- 💬Every game is a chat thread
- 🏆Chat with fans of your favorite team
- 😈Talk trash with fans of your rival teams
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Jake Hergott
Hello Product Hunt! Jake here 👋. I’m excited to announce ChatterBall for the NFL season 🏈 . With ChatterBall, every game is a chat thread. My friends and I watch games from separate physical locations, but it feels like we’re watching together because we chat about the games in group threads. I thought it’d be fun to open up the conversation with a community of fans like us that enjoy chatting about the game as we watch 💬. I’d love to hear feedback and am looking forward to all questions / comments! Go Bears 🐻
Big fan of this app
This app is changing how I watch football! All my friends are dumbasses who don’t know a first down from a touch down. Now I can discuss the games with a community that actually knows what’s going on. Would download again (and even pay for it). 10/10
Signed, MomWriter/Producer
Great idea. Now sports fans everywhere can chat about a game while watching a game. If you’ve ever had something to say during a game - or want to know what others are thinking - you need this app. ChatterBall lets you share your opinions with the world.
This is revolutionary and will redefine how people watch sports
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