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@yakovkarda any idea when new languages will be added? eg: Dutch ?
@liviooo For the user side (i.e. widget) we can add it in a matter of days if somebody makes a translation. E-mail me at if you are up to that — I'll appreciate your help! Agent dashboard is also easy to translate, but has much more text, and, I believe, is less important. Let me know what you think!
@yakovkarda I'll contact you via email.
Hi guys and thank @kwdinc for sharing! We've built Chatra to bring modern messaging experience to customer support. How we are different? → In short: a) group chats (AMAZES visitors, when few agents are helping at the same time) b) live typing insights (see what visitors type before they hit "send") c) conversation history (we save past conversations for both you and your customers, even if they close their browser. d) correct messages after you sent them d) great modern UI in both widget and an agent dashboard. Our nice free plan is free forever, and you can have up to 5 agents online at the same time on it. Let me know what you think and please give us a try!
Wow, this is amazing. Loving the "Get inside their head" feature - so good!
@damjanski Thank you, Damjan!

A simple live chat solution, worth a shot if you're looking for something simple and functional. I really like the group chat and seeing the visitor's typing features.


simple pricing, good mobile app, free version


Could support more integrations

Chatra is one of many live chat solutions but it definitely finds its niche with some interesting visitor's typing peeping, easy group conversations, and clear pricing. In picksaas, we liked it especially for the mobile application it provides.