Offer help and capture leads with a truly simple live chat.

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Chatting with your visitors in real-time is simple when you know who they are, and what they are doing on your website. Pair it with having a sneak-peak, behavioral targeting, and multi-chatting amongst other live chat features, and you get a true Pirate live chat. Yarrrgh. I've been helping these guys get out of an old-skool kind of vibe and bring something fresh to the aging industry. It's a light and pretty customer service / sales tool with some sexy twists coming in the future like polls, offline lead hunting and loads of integrations with your favorite shopping carts, CMSs and more.
Hey Product Hunt! I'm the Head of Marketing here at ChatPirate. Excited to answer any and all questions you might have about our product. ChatPirate is fresh out of beta, where we've been gathering the necessary feedback and adjusting the product to be as useful to our customers as it can be. The idea for ChatPirate came around as an alternative to our older product, also a live chat software. We felt like live chat software needed to be simple, user-friendly, beautiful, and have a bit of Pirate in it :) As a result, we've created ChatPirate, which is fast, material-designed, truly simple, yet as functional as you need a live chat to be.
Support for custom integrations like Freshdesk? Offline chats to tickets conversion?
@ajonit Hey Ankur, we're planning on introducing support for many custom integrations, and Freshdesk is definitely in the top 10 :). Currently, we're putting the finishing touches to our integration with Zendesk, whose main functionality revolves around converting offline chats to tickets. As far as other custom integrations go, we're planning on integrating ChatPirate with Slack ASAP.
How does it compare with many others in this space?
@bentossell Hey Ben, thanks for your question! Compared to other live chat solutions, we consider ChatPirate a much simpler live chat that doesn't have any bloated features, doesn't require additional tutorials, and can be used by pretty much anyone. Additionally, by offering our product for an unlimited number of agents, we provide a much more cost-effective solution for companies of all shapes and sizes.
I like this user-friendly interface and sleek design. But the most important it's easily integrated with the most popular e-commerce services.