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Hi guys - My name is Aakash. I'm building Chathouse. AMA
Welcome, @aakashsastry! I first saw Chathouse in @lexilewtan's Openbeta email last week. Excited to give it a try. There's room certainly room for new, unique ways of expression and communication but the messaging space is particularly competitive. Why did you decide to work on this and where do you see it fitting in the market?
Thanks @rrhoover! Good question (this may be a long answer). I don't really see this as a messaging app. This is really just the start, but we're looking to place more of an emphasis on the concept of having an online social space for you and your friends. Most messengers today do one thing really well - they get information across. But there's a ton of great things about being in the same physical space as someone that haven't carried over online. We're starting by allowing you to see who your friends are talking with and what they are talking about. Hopefully this should feel like overhearing different conversations at a party and more interactive than other messengers or feeds.