ChatGrape for iOS

Manage your team and your cloud services while on the road

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Team chat + autocompletion for all sorts of files and objects from various services (google docs, google calendar, github, you name it, …) now also available on iOS. Very ambitious team that isn't scared by playing in a highly competitive market. Questions: * I'd be curious if you had to adapt some of the interactions like autocompletion for the mobile form-factor and if so how. * It seems like you are autocompleting objects on '#' (similar to '@' for mentioning people). Is there a reason why you don't just autocomplete without it like facebook does? What are the challenges?
@__tosh Thanks for the hunt! Hi everyb, I'm the CEO of CG, and here to answer questions and to enjoy the ride.
Tosh' Question 1: - That was actually quite tricky. A couple of new interactions that were introduced on desktop (navigating facets, movable autocomplete objects, etc.) couldn't be simple transported over to mobile. So we got inspired from the spotify navigation and introduced a new swipe-to-switch-cloud-services-mechanic, that seems to work quite well. Another thing were some iOS related issues, like styling autocompleted objects inside the textarea with BG, etc. Something we might talk about soon in our company blog (
Tosh' Question 2: In the last year we spend a lot of time testing the autocomplete logic with different user-groups. That resulted in a couple of eye-openers, like - in that case - the fact that users felt annoyed by the autocomplete appearing - as perceived by them - "randomly". When introducing a new UX user satisfaction correlates a lot with how much the user feels in control when interacting with it. The hashtag allows the user to tell us when to listen and when to react. That need for control has become imperative with most innovative product decisions we make.
Showing absolutely nothing in the screenshots will be the reason you will get almost zero downloads for the App. You have to show what the App does. Preferably make a video preview as well.
@objective_neo Just checked that with our designer - apparently the ones for iPhone 6 and 6+ haven't been uploaded yet, while users with other versions see Screenshots already. Willfix, thank you for the heads-up!
@objective_neo @felix_hau Outsch. You might want to check out to automatically take and upload screenshots ;)
Great product. Well done!