Chat that autocompletes your company data while typing

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Team Chats seems to be a tight space atm. It's interesting how ChatGrape integrates other services. You can basically write a normal text and eg reference a Github Issue and Chatgrape will autocomplete and link to the issue. If you mention a meeting tomorrow it offers to create a google cal entry. Kinda interesting approach. They launched today so i guess they are quite busy - but I will try to get the founders to answer questions.
Hi everybody, Felix from ChatGrape here. It's quite a busy day as we just have launched our product but I'll try to answer any questions that might come up in the next hours. Our chat sets itself apart by deeply integrating your services like GitHub (already available), Google Calendar, Drive/Dropbox (both next week), and many more, referencing them right as you type. This makes your communication a lot more efficient and eliminates misunderstandings, cutting the time you need to coordinate in half. Looking forward to hearing what you think! - Felix
@felix_hau 1) how are you focusing on customer acquisition 2) how did you pick your price points?
Hi @eriktorenberg, Great biz-dev questions: 1) We are trying out the following channels: - Cold Acquisition via leads from LeadGenius - Retargeting campaign - Content Marketing on the business communication topic at - Referral Programs 2) For everyone interested, you can find our pricing here -> We looked the pricing issue with the following things in mind: - Our USP of saving you time with each service you connect (as we do not only post notifications but allow you to reference them as you type) makes a service-integration-based pricing model more appealing than a simple "pay for each user" approach. - Starting a price-war as a startup doesn't work out most of the time Hope I answered that to your satisfaction :) Cheers, - F
@felix_hau awesome answer thanks :)
@felix_hau Quite interesting. We're a distributed team so chat is important to us (use FlowDock currently). The autocomplete seems quite nice, but I'm actually more curious about the search. Can you give more details on how it works in ChatGrape?
Our search feature works similar to our autocomplete: It indexes your external services and allows you to look up chat messages as well as your connected calendars, files, etc. like you'd imagine it to work in Spotlight on Mac. I have to admit that the search is going to evolve a lot in the upcoming days, as we had to launch with a limited feature set, but I'm 100% sure that we will build something that will be more efficient than anything else currently available on the market. If you give us a try we can also work in your team's feedback :)