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Hey everybody - Dmitrii from Chatfuel here… So excited to wake up today and find us on Product Hunt! We very much believe in the bot future (just like probably many of you). That's why we’re building Chatfuel to allow anyone with no programming skills or servers required to create their chatbots. Started on Telegram and plan to roll out to other messengers very soon. Most core features are available right now: hundreds of integrations (Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc), analytics, content collections, autoposting and many more. We host your bots and the service is free. Some features are limited access only at the moment, most notably custom AI that was used to create official TechCrunch or Forbes bots: We are working hard on rolling them out to public access and are very thrilled to see where you can take it. I’m personally very excited to interact with all of you and hear what use-cases you have in mind and answer any questions you may have! Dmitrii
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@ddumik go Chatfuel!
@ddumik Looks cool! Is there support for RSS (i.e a reader says "Send me this morning's story" and the bot pulls the latest item from an RSS feed)?
@msitver We do support RSS in our core features, it automatically push your latest news to your audience as soon as it's out! Also, we're currently experimenting user-requested news in our bots for publishers (ForbesBot and TechCrunchBot, for instance)
@nathanaelkhodl That sounds perfect. I'll explore later when I'm at my computer. Thanks for making this
I think it will be key to expand and open up the other channels, slack etc. Theres still some fragmentation around building bots for X platform... When a company nails it cross-platform I think it will be awesssooooooome
Chatfuel is the service that allowed Forbes to create a chat bot for Telegram. You too can create a bot for Telegram! Looks like they're also going to let you make chat bots for other messengers like Slack, FB Messenger, Kik, WhatsApp and Viber.
Hi guys, you did an amazing job! But do you know that it's possible to integrate Facebook API messenger (unofficial) at the moment. I created a simple translator bot on FB messenger : using this API with Node. So you can already use FB messenger :)
@david770 Hi David, that is amazing! Would you mind to share how to get the API for that? I was using Facebook's XMPP API earlier to do that but that ended in April 2015. I am madly searching for a way to do that and surprised to see your bot! Thanks :)
Chatfuel was in the YC Demo Day. From the TechCrunch article: Connecting with your followers and fan base in meaningful ways continues to be a challenge for businesses. With Chatfuel, those looking to build and engage an audience can use the native interface to create bots that help facilitate conversations. More than 130,000 bots have been created on the platform. Publishers, like TechCrunch and Forbes, can build on Chatfuel and deploy to any messengers. To date, Chatfuel sees more than 1 million daily active users. Read more about Chatfuel on TechCrunch here