Simple chat room for Reddit subreddits

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Derek Shanahan
Derek ShanahanHunterPro@dshan · Three Hex, Cloud Unicorn
Maps to subreddits really well, uses Reddit oAuth. All in all pretty well executed IMO. I noticed Fantasy EPL sub promoting it:
NaweG@naweg · Consultant, Ewan Grantham & Associates
As a moderator for a few Reddit subreddits, thanks for this!
Tony Chen
Tony ChenMaker@tonychen · Co-founder and COO, Conversable
Thanks for hunting ChatFrog, Derek! We built ChatFrog so that every subreddit could have a simple chat room associated with it. Each sub has a chat room available at{subreddi.... It's great for live events because you don't have to refresh the thread or sort by 'new' to get to the latest comments. Also good for general conversation in an active sub. Since it uses reddit oAuth, you'll know which redditors you're chatting with. ChatFrog supports embedded media like YouTube videos, GIFs, Vine videos, tweets, and images. For moderation, you can block individual users so you don't see their chat messages, and subreddit moderators automatically get mod privileges. Happy to answer any other questions!
Jonathan Widawski
Jonathan Widawski@widawskij · Founder @mazedesignhq
Great stuff here, but I feel it would be even more usefull as an overlay using a chrome/firefox extension. If it integrates well while I navigate different subreddits, I think it will add a new layer to an already awesome website.
Vinh Le
Vinh Le@vinh291 · Designer
this is really sweet, nice and simple too