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Hi guys! This is Alex from ChatBottle. The idea was to create the best place to discover chatbots. The number of bots is increasing every day and it's becoming hard to discover new good bots. That's why we decided to create a search engine. It's like google, but for chatbots :) How it works: All the bots are ranked based on different ranking factors. The most important ones are retention and bounce rate, ProductHunt votes and bot's profile completeness. It means that the best bots are always on the top of search results. We currently support Facebook Messenger, Slack and Telegram bots. Feel free to test it and provide your feedback.
@agamanyuk Hey, our bot Guggy only appears in Slack although we have a KiK and Telegram bots also. How can we fix it?
@rotemthegolfer Since you support 3 different platforms you'll have 3 different ChatBottle profiles. We're not merging bots and treat it as separate applications. If Guggy for Telegram is not yet on ChatBottle please add it. Also, don't forget to verify the bots, it will increase their score in the search results. ps: Kik is not supported for now :(
@agamanyuk oh ok, cool thanks
@agamanyuk @rotemthegolfer shouldn't it be like this application X available on following platforms?
@acpmasquerade @rotemthegolfer No. For instance, Poncho for Messenger and Poncho for Telegram are different bots. The commands they process are not the same. And what's more important they are executing differently. The bounce rate (that is very important for our algorithms) is different. ------------ By I think we should add a link "also available on [platform]" for such cases to reference another bot's profile.
Quite like the way this is set out, the details and links etc. Did you input everything manually? (that is what I did when building botlist and it took foreverrrr haha) Can bot owners 'take control' of their page?
@bentossell The process of adding a bot is partially manual. Bot owners can take control of the bots by verification feature. As you may noticed some of the bots have "Verified" label. It's a good sign for our ranking algorithms and positively impact positions in the search results.
@agamanyuk @bentossell But the interesting and unique thing here that separates this from others is how bot owners can get their bot to the top. From this: "Integrating with ChatBottle is easy and should take a developer about a few minutes. What you need to do is just to forward every message your bot sent and received to ChatBottle REST API" So basically that means that bot owners with bots that has an actual high engagement would benefit the most from integrating with Chatbottle and this is a win-win because bot users would find bots based on actual engagement and bot owners with high engagement gets a place to promote their bots. This is very different that just popularity based on number of downloads. Of course, this also requires that ChatBottle handles fraud (bot sending lots of fake messages) just like Google has to handle fraudulent back-links.
@mariuslian @bentossell Correct. Chatbots developers are highly involved in this. We try to encourage them to provide as much information as possible. Connecting with ChatBottle API is just one of the metrics. As you noticed it's a win-win case: better bot's profile > higher positions > more users :) Fraud and black hat optimization is a good point and still an open question. The are a few possible ways how to eliminate it. For instance, we might introduce no-cheating agreement. Violation of that will lead to ban. Also we do provide analytics tools to bots developers (in case of cheating the will see incorrect data as well). @mariuslian do you have any ideas what else can be done?
@agamanyuk @mariuslian yeah its an interesting approach for sure! What has the response been like from bot owners on sending every sent message to the API? Positive? I could see why some may have reservations (which would be natural) Can users see peoples complaints on the bot page? I've seen lots of complaints where people say X bot kept sending me these messages - (essentially a review system) Maybe worth chatting with @sethlouey and @mubashariqbal about botlist to see if there is anything the two can benefit each other on :)
@bentossell @mariuslian @sethlouey @mubashariqbal "Can users see peoples complaints on the bot page? I've seen lots of complaints where people say X bot kept sending me these messages - (essentially a review system)" I think we should consider implementing such voting system. It's a very good point and I feel the same. There are 100+ manually blacklisted bots on ChatBottle. Some of them are simply usuless, some are not yet ready for the real users or just broken. They are not shown in the search results but exist in the index. Regarding forwarding every message to ChatBottle. For the majority it's okay, but there is a bunch of people who are not ready to transfer it to 3d party services. What's interesting, the ones who don't want to send messages to ChatBottle own weather or food bots :) I mean it's not healthcare or banking bots.
ChatBottle is my go-to bot store! It helped me in discovering all the interesting bots on Messenger! Great work, Chatbottle team. You are solving a big discovery problem of chatbots.
@ankur10 Thank you Ankur! During the following two weeks we plan even more great updates! The number of bots is increasing and we need to "activate" a few more ranking algorithms :)

This definitely is one of the few clean collection of bots.


great collection of chat bots, with ranks


UI can improve to provide sort based on rank, views etc.

I find it hard to discover Messenger bots based on popularity or rating. Doesn't seem to be a good place for this. I like this initiative from ChatBottle to rank bots based on external parameters like Product Hunt votes and usage statistics.