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Hi PH! One of the Hasura makers here :) We've put together a bunch of chatbot boilerplates made by our (nascent) community. This will help you save time as a developer because the boilerplate has: 1) Sample code with APIs/callbacks wired up 2) Connected to database APIs to store state 3) Instant git-push to deploy on a free Hasura cluster with an SSL-enabled domain Do check it out and let us know what other kinds of boilerplates you'd like to see!
Thanks a lot for hunting this Kevin! We're super excited to showcase our chatbots to the PH community <3! Each of these take less than 5 minutes to deploy and you can have your own custom bots for your unique use-cases! Do take out some time to try these out. We also have a #Pub2Hub challenge and we are shipping Hasura swag boxes to the best chatbots built on Hasura. More details here: These are the bot boilerplates that we have for you to deploy instantly or modify and extend: 1) Facebook Messenger Bots: - Simple facebook messenger bot which responds to a movie name with the movie’s details and a poster. 2) Intercom Chatbots: - Intercom webhook to integrate the Google translate API with an intercom workspace. Let's you respond to users from all geographies using the internal notes functionality. To try it out, chat with us in a foreign language at - Simple intercom webhook that applauds your team members when they reply quickly to your customers. We love this one :) We use this at Hasura and have a leaderboard too! 3) Slack Bots: - Ready to deploy slack bot that takes a sentence and converts it to yoda speech - Simple slackbot that uses the `hello-python-flask` starter kit to respond to slash commands with message buttons - Try it out: Copy `/anon i :heart: :robot_face:` and paste it on the Hasura slack channel: 4) Alexa skills: - A ready-to-deploy Alexa skill (with SSL Certs) that uses `Python-Flask-Ask` to give you a Yoda quote on invocation
THIS kinda stuff makes me wanna mess with building bots and I'm not even a developer. This is also something I can use to advocate implementing a bot feature in our own products at work too.

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Since it is new, a few bugs pop up now and then but they're fixed quickly.

Great job !! Does this work with other apps too ?
@ayush_chandra Hi Ayush! You can use Hasura to build chatbots (and other types of applications) with all kinds of API integrations. We have built sample bots only for a few types, but you are not restricted to just these. What kinds of apps would you like to see?