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Hi Botmakers, bot professionals and bot enthusiasts! Thank you @mrcalexandre for the hunt! - is a news feed 100% focused on Chatbots. ALL the links are handpicked from +400 sources, daily. On average, we publish between 7-15 links a day. A growing number of articles on chatbots are constantly published and we thought having a place that gather the best content and the most interesting news on this topic was a good idea. We know how botmakers and bot entrepreneurs are busy. Some don't have time to browse the web for relevant chatbot-related informations. By simply checking on a daily basis, they quickly get an overview of everything that's going on the chatbot world: the latest companies that launched their chatbot, the latest keynote by a bot leader, the latest tool for bot developers... Of course, we have a daily/weekly newsletter already popular among bot professionals. And you can follow our RSS feed: to get our selection directly in your feed reader. We hope will help you save time by quickly informing you on the chatbot industry!
@r1 have you considered offering a bot that sends daily updates from your site?
@chrismessina Thanks for the suggestion! Yes, we are working on a nice template to send our daily digest with something like the "Top #5 news of the day". On Messenger (for now), will keep you updated about it!
@r1 hey erwan, need help to create this bot feed ? If you have rss feeds I can build it in minutes with would love to!
Bots are a huge trend at the moment and there are more and more articles and videos on the topic everyday. Finding the best content is hard and takes time. ChatbotFeed is here to solve that problem. I will now let @r1 present his product :)
@mrcalexandre @r1 but, what's the purpose of this? Saving me a search or surfacing quality posts or what?
@thinker Hi Nick thank you for your question and your email ;) I hope my introductive comment answer to it?
@mrcalexandre @r1 yep, just read your comment. What makes you a qualified "curator of chatbot news"?
@thinker Nick thank you for subscribing to our newsletter BTW, appreciated! If you look at all the websites already featured on ChatbotFeed - I believe it’s safe to say that all those publications are very reputable when it comes to new technologies and chatbots specifically. I believe ChatbotFeed offers a good curation because we don’t publish 10 times the same news. For instance yesterday AT&T launched their chatbot, and we published one article from TheVerge about it even though dozens of websites talked about it. So we do our best to promote the most interesting headlines of this industry and hopefully ChatbotFeed will be seen as a « good curator of chatbot news » in the coming months/years :)
Great service that i've used for 1 week 👌