Chatbot Cost Calculator

Find out how much it cost to build a chatbot

Chatbot Cost Calculator is an easy way to know the price of your chatbot.

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Hi! As a bot builder, We often hear from people "What is the cost of building xyz chatbot". We know the answer is always "It depends". But we could make up a number if we ask our clients few questions about their requirement, we could come up with a range. We've built a Chatbot Cost Calculator. It asks you few questions and displays a possible range the chatbot can cost.
@electrobabe It's working for We are redirecting all the links to

It is an app that generateseads and shouldnt be on product hint


nothing valuable


Generic application for lead generation only

Love it. Keep up the good work Bothook


Ease of use, simplicity, and comprehensiveness


Needs more integrations

there should be a recurring cost and chatbot platform subscription cost to be included