The safe way to send messages while driving

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Isn't the whole point that you are not supposed to do anything on your phone while driving? Plus, if you are to do this, why not call? or even Whatsapp audio note?
@bentossell yeah or you could just send an iMessage audio note or a FB Messenger one
@bentossell Seems like "Hey Siri" or calling would be safer options, but you're right, why not just wait until you're not controlling a fast moving, heavy object.
@bentossell Using your phone while driving is not the safest option, but just about everyone does it. Chatbaka is just messaging today, but our goal is to build a platform for many kinds of apps.
@bentossell Phone call is soo different from texting/emails. Many people prefer to write than to talk - for various reasons. Also - not everyone uses Whatsapp.
@konradcaban yeah fair enough but this premise is to talk and not write... Most major messaging apps these days have an audio note option... which to me, seems to execute in the same way.
I dont get it, Siri does this already?
@jasondainter Unclear that the voice systems are really safer.
They got a funny - "baka" means "idiot" in Japanese.
hmmm. the word "safer" implies there is already a "safe" way to send messages while driving. a more appropriate tagline shouldve been: 'the safe way to...' or 'the only way to...'
I would highly suggest using something like on your homepage as a link isn't that great for downloading the app when I am on my laptop and my phone is in my pocket. Sending a SMS make it easier to download and can easily increase conversions.