Chat Sports on Android

Personalized sports news and scores, share with friends

Chat Sports on Android is personalized news and scores, shared with friends

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Hi all - we are super excited about launching Chat Sports on Android! A completely new feature set called EXPLORE is your real-time look at the world of sports - the trending stories from the top news sources...built on our advanced content algorithm that surfaces 250k+ stories monthly from the best national, local and blog news sources. We are pro-feedback, so let us know your thoughts!
@jamestyoder Congrats James. I've known James for a long time and this guy is a hustler. You'v come a long way my friend. This is awesome.
@pekpongpaet thanks Pek! Appreciate he support
Congrats @jamestyoder @bscott0527 & team! Looking forward to trying Explore when it comes to iOS. ETA?
@gameon_nate @bscott0527 Will be rolling out pieces of it in the next 3 weeks, and full Explore by March! Thanks, Nate!