From Google Forms to chat in 2 clicks

Share #googleforms as a chat to boost responsiveness.
Chat-Forms takes a Google Forms and generate a translated chat that corresponds to the original form fields.
Next, you can share the newly created Chat-Form. with your audience.
Enjoi :-)
By inter-act
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Chat Forms is a project that was born from our passion for chats. Since messaging is the most common online communication method, and since filling forms can be the most boring task on earth, we want to give people tools to do it differently. Chat-Forms takes a Google Forms address and generates a translated chat that corresponds to the original form fields. Next, Chat-Forms give you the option to share the newly created chat with your audience. The replies that are coming from users that are talking to your form are sent directly to the original form on Google Forms as if the users were filling the form on a standard Google Forms webpage, the magic is done behind the scenes. Enjoy :-)
Hi @yiftachharamati, I just tried Chat Forms. It's a really cool product. I've got to things you might want to take a look at. 1. I just tested Chat Forms using a segmented google form (the questions deepened on previous user responses) and noticed that the chat form parsed all the questions correctly but ignored the segmentation. 2. I also wanted to point out that the chatbot form link ( did not load anything when I had my ad blocker turned on.
Hi @marko_arezina thank you for the review! 1. Chat-Forms fully support Google Forms Segments, it just do it in a conversational way and you will see the question pops when teh segment ends, this is a mimic of the original form logic. 2. It should be ok now
Hi @yiftachharamati , the product seems to be cool and I see immediately a good use case for me. However, I tried to paste many URL of Google Forms I created and no one works. Any idea why? Any documentation available? Thanks and good luck for the launch!
@vletessier Thanks for your comment! At the time of product launch we have three limitations, I'm just guessing that your forms may fall into one of those categories: (1) Forms that Requires sign-in (2) Quiz Forms (3) Forms with embedded youtube Can you share a link?
@vletessier curious to know, what's the use case you had in mind?
Hi @vletessier @hipreetam93 I receive Google Forms almost on a daily basis and the filling those forms on mobile can be a dreadful task. So i figured, why not play around and make something that may be useful not only to me but maybe to other people.
@yiftachharamati Thanks for your answer. I'm in the first case you mentioned. As it is with for work, people have to sign-in to fill the form.

I love the engaging solution and more human way to fill form and get information


good tool


needs more work