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Amazing stuff. If there can be user scripts for Growl/OS X notifications, this is golden.
@film_girl Working on Notification Center/ Growl support with one of our engineers. It's a little tricky as Facebook don't make it too easy, but we'll get there.
So apparently Messenger for Mac got killed (?) yesterday but @heychristian commented on the thread and announced he also had built a Mac app (web wrap?) - this it it! Downloading now..
@bramk Web wrap indeed – it's my first venture ever into Objective-C (if you can even class this as that), although we have some great guys at Paddle.com who are incredible Obj-C developers, I never got into it. Hopefully myself and some of the team here will be able to continue development on this, make it into a full-featured OS X messenger client with desktop notifications etc... :) If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! Sorry for any bugs!
@bramk @heychristian Cool, would love a combination of this app and Chat Heads — a way more subtle notifcation than the default mac notifications. For inspiration check out http://faces.im/ — a chrome plugin that works really neat.
@bramk @robertvhoesel One of our customers at Paddle.com is a guy called Raffael Hannemann (weareyeah.com). Super talented developer, and he built just that: http://www.raffael.me/chatheads/ Sadly, the XMPP API that the app relied on has since been discontinued by Facebook. Hopefully we'll be able to do something similar using a different method. Going to pass this along to one of our action OS X developers to build out some cool extra functionality. :)
@heychristian I've been searching for a native FB Messenger for Mac for quite some time. I've used Chat Heads but it never actually seemed to want to work. Thanks for making this, it really is about time!
Very useful, and far better than messenger.