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Chat Circles is the 24/7 online party 🎉— Chat with your friends or meet people from around the 🌎world. Messages appear in real-time and then self-destruct!

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Hi Product Hunters! Chat Circles maker here. I’m super excited to launch our beta on Product Hunt today! Chat Circles was a crazy idea that I dreamed up and decided to build. Here are a couple of things that make it unique: • It ditches the typical social data feed for a new spatial, synchronous interface. Just like you would go up to and talk to someone at a party you can go up to and chat with someone in a circle. • Messages self-destruct. When a message disappears from your screen, seconds later it is purged from our servers as well. • When you join a circle it expands a little. The more people inside, the bigger it will get! • You can create an account or choose to chat anonymously. • Encourages more authentic interactions rather than gamifying with likes and followers. • Notifications will always be opt-out by default. • It’s free forever and will never serve a single ad. I’ll be in the “Let’s Chat” circle from now-2am and 8am-12pm PST. Come through and say 👋hi! (my username is “will”) P.S. I’ve made a special “secret” circle that I’m only posting the link to here 🤫
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Really cool (y)
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This is awesome! Taking me way way back to the days of The Palace avatar chats. Would be cool if each room had a background image/wallpaper that could be customized or somehow match its topic.
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@just2jays Love the idea of starting to let users create and then customize and adjust the settings on a circle. That is the kind of direction I want to move towards. Glad you like it and thanks for the feedback!
This is totally fun, and with a couple more regular users could totally be a place I see myself dropping into regularly. I wonder if, until there are more users, you might want to reduce the number of circles available? It feels like a lot of "empty" rooms. Or maybe have a way of filtering circles with users in them...
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@cdypmpr Great to hear you like it! I think a "trending" feature could definitely be really helpful for bringing the best circles to the surface. I agree it feels a bit empty now with so many circles. Hopefully, that won't last long :) I'll see you around!
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This is a great product to find and interact with people.


Good Interface, Nice People, Active dev


Doesn't yet function properly on mobile