Turn your email conversations into a real-time chat

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Ivan Kayser
@ivannyc · Product strategy and design. @chatdotcc
Hey everybody, We released a huge update to chat.cc. Still works the same way, copy go@chat.cc onto any email and everyone gets invited to a private chat. Getting nice early usage form marketers, sales teams and educators. More details on the release here http://blog.chat.cc/ Would love to know what you think.
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Pete Cashmore
@petecashmore · Founder, Mashable
Really cool way to set up an instant group chat. I like the separate pane for links so everyone can see what's being discussed.
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Chat.cc is rough around the edges but the concept is interesting and if @ivanNYC can make the email --> real-time chat transition seamless (for both regular users and those unfamiliar with the product), I think there's something here. Ivan - so many startups have tried to improve email (just search for "email" on Product Hunt and you'll see dozens of rel… See more
Ivan Kayser
@ivannyc · Product strategy and design. @chatdotcc
Hi PH, chat.cc is a little experiment we made with @mxmcd to make email work better and harder without adding overhead, downloads, etc.
Andrew Condurache
@acondurache · Founder
I like the idea behind this, would be interesting to see where this goes
Jon Lax
@jlax · Product Design Director Facebook
I really like the no friction approach to this app. This is something that a lot of apps could learn from. I am trying to figure out how it fits into my life wiht my plethora of messaging and chat applications. Between Gchat, Slack, Messenger, snapchat, Gmail's pseudo handling of email as chat plus others, finding the right moment to use chat.cc is the big c… See more