Turn your email conversations into a real-time chat



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Pete Cashmoreย โ€” Founder, Mashable
Really cool way to set up an instant group chat. I like the separate pane for links so everyone can see what's being discussed.
Ryan Hooverย โ€” Founder, Product Hunt is rough around the edges but the concept is interesting and if @ivanNYC can make the email --> real-time chat transition seamless (for both regular users and those unfamiliar with the product), I think there's something here.

Ivan - so many startups have tried to improve email (just search for "email" on Product Hunt and you'll see dozens of relatively new products). Why enter this graveyard? :)
Ivan Kayserย โ€” Product strategy and design. @chatdotcc
@rrhoover - too often we go at problems trying to find a perfect solution which tend to come with overhead.
We focussed on something with no barrier to entry. It works for everyone that has an email address (so everyone) on any device. It doesn't aim to revolutionize behavior just to make a common tool better.
You are totally right though, lots have tried and failed. We took this on as an experiment in product market fit. 6 weeks to launch to see if it flies.
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