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Post Launch: We wrote a more detailed post about how and why we built Chat by KeyReply: Our team built a variety of web and mobile products, to support customers on websites, we either have to use ugly contact forms, or resort to paying for expensive and bloated live chat software that we do not need. As a small business owner whose time is better spend communicating with customers on mobile, via chat and in a personal way, we want to help owners connect with site visitors directly. We built Chat by KeyReply to end all of our issues and yours. Simply select the channel you want customers to reach you on and put it into your website code. Watch it turn questions from customers to conversations on messenger, telegram or other applications. Did I mention that it is free forever? Try it, share it and let’s stop the search for a good live chat widget forever. 😜 Just uploaded some images of Chat widget live on sites from the community~ 💃💃 Thanks so much for supporting Chat by KeyReply on launch day - if you have more feedback that is super urgent, please feel free to talk to us via the chat widget on our page! :D
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Hey, this will be really useful for local businesses! I would use this if I was still shooting weddings. People much prefer the instant chat option and giving them tonnes of choices is another win win.
@danielkempe Thanks Daniel! Try it for your personal blog or any other projects that you plan to work on!
@danielkempe Yup, and it's all about reaching customers wherever they like to be on these days, so the choices help the local business owners decide what makes sense for them to support.
Nice! I think for the user it makes sense to push these support messages to an app that they already use; no need to get used to yet another interface. Commoditization of the interface FTW! ;-) What's your longer term vision for this product @spenceryang ?
@pieterpaul Thanks Pieter. We thought about this product for about 2 months now and only got time to build it recently. Hope that with this product, more site owners can connect with visitors through social channels like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Wechat etc. Fundamentally, we want to empower small businesses to support their customers better in this global business environment.
This is a great introduction to an awesome company! Check out all the tools KeyReply has to offer the team on the go...very clever stuff.
@cfarnswo17 Thanks Chenoa for your support and feedback for our products and roadmap. :)
Very cool :) If I may suggest a small UX tweak: while it's clear to website owner what the icons are about after selecting the available channels, it may not be that clear for visitors. Maybe the various channels offered would feel a bit less confusing to them if each icon had a "title" attribute containing the name of the service?
@oelmekki Thanks for the idea! We have now added a title attribute to the image so that you can see the platform name when you hover over it. :D Keep it coming Olivier!
@spenceryang @oelmekki I agree I had the same issue. This would be a bit too confusing for me to put on my sites. Tech-savvy consumers would get this. Most regular people would be a bit paralyzed by choice and confusion. "What happens when I click this button, I have never seen this before" One other minor thing. I'd make the icon cursor:pointer. Without seeing the little hand I don't know what the deal is.
@bhalp1 @oelmekki Thanks Ben! Let us look into this suggestion and improve on the cursor portion for web. The innovation we have here is really for global audiences. In markets like China, Wechat is the go to app for support. In countries like Brazil (thanks to the recent ban on WhatsApp), site owners can actually rely on Telegram to talk to customers (they are growing 1.5M users a day).
@spenceryang Hover is not very mobile friendly 😔 Very nice product though 👍
@lajlev Hey Michael - let us look into how to make it more mobile friendly on that front. Any suggestions? :P