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We are planning an internal hackaton related to chat bots, and while doing it I was sharing interesting links with the team. That's how this newsletter was born :) Lately, lots of Slack bots are being created and I think this is only the beginning of the bots taking the world! And let's wait for the public release of the bot SDK from FB, that's going to be huge.
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@ompemi pretty cool! And thank you for featuring Humblebot.
Thanks for creating this Omar - the bot space is moving so quickly it's great to have a curated list!
@lewwwk btw... have also subscribed to botweekly.com - the more the merrier!
Really cool.
@kalv Thank you...I have sent you an email regarding this...
I've had Omar curating news about this new trend privately over Slack for a few weeks, it's great that now many more people can benefit from this :). It's exciting to see that we may be witnessing the first steps of a very big industry. Chat bots are not exactly new, but we now have the technology to make them really useful.