Chasing Product - What Happened to Gumroad

Gumroad founder Sahil Lavingia opens up about recent events

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Justin Jackson
Loved the honest conversation around 40:00 in. Great to hear @shl's perspective, as well as @chris_hawk sharing how the recent Gumroad news affected him. Excited to see how Gumroad grows in the future!
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Christopher Hawkins
Creator, Chasing Product
First off, big thanks to @charlieirish for posting this. I'm a Gumroad creator myself, and was initially freaked-out by the news of layoffs. Then I remembered - I have a podcast! What better way to get the straight info direct from the founder than to ask for an interview? I love living in the future. :) I found talking to Sahil to be educational and reassuring. I'm riding the Gumroad train until the wheels fall off. In fact, I'm already working on my second book, which will also be sold via Gumroad. If anyone has any questions about this episode, or about Chasing Product in general, I'll be happy to hang out and answer them.
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Josh Doody
Author, Developer, Maker
As a Gumroad creator, I was really looking forward to this episode. It was interesting to hear the process of going from an idea to a funded business, and back to a sort of bootstrapped business. And it was encouraging to hear that Gumroad will be around for a while. Great episode!
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StephanieMaking stuff
Another great listen. As a Gumroad customer and someone who has gone through (and got so much out of) Small Product Lab, I feel quite a bit closer to them than I do most companies whose services I use (I'm sure I'm not alone in this), so it is really nice to get this update.
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