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In this podcast interview, I talk a bunch about my history of consulting and how that led to creating products. In the podcast, I share a ton of lessons that I've learned along the way. Hope you enjoy it!
@hnshah My favorite part of this episode is when we get to hear what you *really* think about your pal Steli. ;)
@hnshah Great interview. I love the "do things that don't scale" approach.
@gollyjer @hnshah Isn't that interesting? That's come up a few times with various guests, but Hiten was able to explain it really well. A lot of the marketing stuff that we're sold on promises to allow us to do everything at scale, but the non-scalable stuff just turns out to be brutally effective. Thanks for listening, Jeremy!
@hnshah I liked this interview. Your giggle is infectious! Curious... when you say you're looking to be entertained, does that imply you are bored in some way in your current "management role?" I mean, I know you have plenty going on, so it's not that you have nothing to do, but when someone says they need to be entertained, I immediately think boredom. True? False?
Great podcast episode with one of the best in the SAAS game.