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Christopher HawkinsMaker@chris_hawk · Creator, Chasing Product
Thanks so much for posting this episode of Chasing Product! I feel like the show is on a strong streak lately, and am especially proud of this episode. I had planned to get Steli to share some nuts & bolts sales tactics for small-timers like myself. The universe, however, thinks it's cute when I make plans - Steli was in the mood to talk mental game, and it was gold, so I rolled with it and it turned out great. Anyone with any questions about this episode, or about the podcast in general, ask away! I'll stick around a while so as to chat with you all.
Corey Maass@gelform · Web app developer, often with WordPress
I'm only about a third of the way through the episode (my commute is "only" 25 minutes), but already love the interview. Steli is really well spoken, and I appreciate his candid sharing of his journey.
Christopher HawkinsMaker@chris_hawk · Creator, Chasing Product
@gelform Hi, Corey. Agreed, even knowing that Steli is fairly polished in his messaging, I didn't expect him to be SO adept at phrasing things in such a way that they made perfect sense even to an engineering-type with weak sales muscles like me. :) What I noticed about Steli in that way - and this is evident even in those older, unpolished interviews - is that he's able to see directly to the core value of whatever it is he's talking about, and address it. I envy that ability to trim the fat off *before* the words come out (more than one person has accused me of being a tad wordy). We went a bit longer than I like with this episode, so it may take you 3 commutes to get through all of it. But I promise it's worth it!
Josh Doody@joshdoody · Author, Developer, Maker
I really appreciated that you turned the focus on yourself for a bit of this one and used yourself as a sort of case study. And Steli did the same. That was really interesting. Good episode!
Christopher HawkinsMaker@chris_hawk · Creator, Chasing Product
@joshdoody Thanks, Josh. It's interesting that you say that - I've received listener e-mail over the past 2 years both complaining that I talk about myself TOO much, and that I don't talk about my own projects enough! Talking to Steli was really, really timely - even if I had been inclined to not address the "lost client" issue, it was too perfect an opportunity to teach/learn; I would have been ripping off the listeners by NOT talking about it. :) Glad you appreciated it, I sometimes wonder just how open & vulnerable to be on the show. And Steli TOTALLY got it. Just hearing him say that he still experiences anxiety over these sort of things was really helpful.
Brandi Young@nichediver · Founder,
This episode is interesting to me because Chris seems to go off-format and just allow himself to soak in what @Steli had to say. I assume this is due to getting kicked in the ribs by his client right before the call which, overall, added a raw personal element that tends to be missing in a lot of interview shows. Nice episode.
Christopher HawkinsMaker@chris_hawk · Creator, Chasing Product
@nichediver Hahahaha. Yeah, I went WAY off-format, not so much because of the client trauma (although that didn't help), but more because once I saw what direction Steli was heading in naturally, I didn't want to mess with it. Guest control is only an issue if they're going off-topic in a way that's not valuable. This, however, was fantastic. I have a keen interest in industrial psychology myself, so if guest is going to drag me off-format, this is a welcome way to do it!
Stephanie@hellostephanie_ · Making stuff
This is a great listen. I was especially struck by the part about shifting one's thinking around important life goals, taking the long view instead of rushing to knock them out.