Chasing Product #30: MVPs and Product Validation w/Ian Lawson

Ian Lawson from Awmous talks product-validation-by-accident

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Hey all! I invited Ian Lawson onto the show because the moment I saw SlickPlan, I had an immediate, intense sensation of "I wish *I'd* built that!". As a freelancer, the site-map-creating product was just so clean and useful, I was in love from the get-go. So, I dug and dug until I had contact info for Ian, determined to talk to him. It turns out that SlickPlan has a pretty interesting story, starting out as a "scratch-your-own-itch" project and turning into a huge deal almost unintentionally. And I really appreciate Ian's path from "art nerd" to "interactive designer" to "holy cow, I'm in the Saas app business!" as an example of what's possible for aspiring founders who may find themselves in the early days of a similar path. If anyone has any questions about this episode, or about Chasing Product in general, I'm happy to chat. :)