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Nice UI, cool idea... my book recommendation is "The Martian" http://www.amazon.com/The-Martia... — I signed up and added it to the site :) Now go read it!
@rywalker Your book is on the list now ;-)
Great idea but hey - hook it up to some sort of API (amazon?) that autocompletes books+authors. :)
@jurezove I totally agree with your idea!
Hi there, i'm one of the founders of chasebook. There you can vote for books to sent to Zuck. #AYearofBooks Inspired by one of the best: producthunt ;-) Let the chase begin!
Very cool. My product Booklaunch is on PH today too. We've talked a bit about adding something like the ability to see Booklaunch pages that have launched today (kinda PH for books ish). Who are you building this product for? (Readers, Authors, or Both?) Thanks
@leylandjacob Hi there! Yeah already checked Booklaunch, I think it's helpful for authors! We built chasebook for both. And of course for Mark Zuckerberg :) A Year of Books was really our inspiration to setup chasebook. It would be great if the community could create a list of must read books. Let's see how it develops. If you have ideas for cooperation, we are always open to new things :)
So are you guys actually affiliated with Zuckerberg or just using his Year of Books as a marketing tool?
@golocalapps We are not affiliated with Zuckerberg at all. We think that a Year of Books is a great idea but the solution to do discussions and propositions in a facebook group doesn't work out that well. We'd be happy if people go on using it as a sort of book community when the Year of Books is over but till then we hope for sure, that it makes the marketing a little easier.