Chase Sapphire Reserve

Chase's credit card for millennials πŸ’³

The Chase Sapphire Reserve card card is Chase's answer to the AMEX Platinum. With eye-popping rewards for travel and restaurant spending and exciting perks for every vacation, it's become the hottest card to have among millennial and credit card addicts.

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Nick Abouzeid
Marketing @ MainStreet
Surprised it hadn't been hunted before! Meet the latest millennial craze, the Chase Sapphire Reserve. The CSR is legendary among credit-card rewards maximizers, with: ✈️ 3 points/dollar spent on travel and dining, which converts into ~4-4.5% cashback. πŸš— $300 in travel credits applied to your account every year. 🀳 Access to hundreds of travel lounges at airports around the world. Even the new Uber Credit Card can't compete. 😏
Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! πŸ†
@nickabouzeid srsly? This is like... super old!
samHead of Sales at Marvel App
@nickabouzeid @chrismessina this came out last summer and the sign up bonus has since been reduced significantly from 100k to 50k - not sure how this is exciting/new?
trahn"projects" πŸ˜€
credit card for millennials: now with debt you can't default on... πŸ˜…
J. Alexander Curtis
Co-Founder, Yagi Telecom
I don't know why everyone is crapping on this post. This really is one of the top cards you can have in your wallet right now. Annual fee is high and scares some people away, but remember that you get a $300 statement credit every year, which effectively lowers the annual fee to just $150 which isn't much more than other cards (most travel cards start at $95 per year). Plus this card's rewards after the statement credit just blows everything else out of the water. Global Entry credit and Priority Pass is an awesome benefit worth several hundred bucks right there. Plus you earn 3 points per dollar on Dining and Travel (and Chase is very lenient on what qualifies for travel. Taking an Uber for example, even at home is "travel"). Then this card also makes your points worth 1.5 cents each in the travel portal instead of the 1.25 cents they are usually worth on other Chase travel cards, so you can effectively be getting back 4.5% back on those categories (3 points x 1.5 cents each = 4.5 cents per dollar), that's massive! Plus Chase points can be transfered directly to major hotels like Hilton, Marriott, IHG, etc or to airlines like United and Southwest. If you want to "hack" the benefit of this card to make it even better, than get a Chase Freedom card too, which gives you a flat 1.5% back on everything and has no annual fee. So any categories that don't qualify for 3x points on the Reserve, you use your Freedom card instead. The freedom card is advertised as a cashback card, but in reality it gives you points just like the Reserve (that Chase wants you to redeem for cashback). But instead of redeeming the points for cashback, transfer them to your Reserve card and now they are instantly worth 1.5 cents in the travel portal instead of 1 cent by keeping them on the Freedom card. So that means with the freedom card you can get 1.5 points per dollar on everything and then transfer them to the Reserve to make them worth 1.5 cents each and now you are getting 3 cents per dollar (3%) back on ANYTHING in the world and up to 4.5% in certain categories! But it gets better becuase the Freedom card has quarterly bonus categories that rotate each quarter that offer 5 points per dollar (up to a limit for that quarter). A while ago it was Lyft and Walgreens, or it might be grocery stores or gas stations. So During these quarters you get 5 points per dollar with the freedom. Again, transfer it to the Reserve and now you are earning 7.5 cents per dollar back (7.5%) in those rotating categories. It's insane! I know this sounds like an ad... but its not. Its seriously just an amazing card that I think is a no-brainer for people to have. If you were earning travel rewards of up to 7.5% of your normal spending you would probably be shouting it from the rooftops too.
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