Charts for Trello by Vizydrop

Visualize data from your boards, CSV, and other apps

Vizydrop — a business intelligence platform that was created to provide a natural way of exploring data, while staying as easy-to-use as Trello itself.

Visualize data from CSV files, links and other apps. Use the simple and flexible editor to build reports.

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Hello PH! Would like to share our product with you. You may find it useful for visualizing your Trello board data if you have one. Possibility to visualize CSV or JSON, Postgres and MongoDB data is included as well. We tried to keep the platform simple and natural. Appreciate your feedback 😄
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Looks beautiful and easy. Thank you Targetprocess
I use vizydrop very regularly to create charts that I can visualise my workflow and improve my efficiency. It's very flexible and extremely easy to use.
Мощный инструмент для аналитики с простейшим интерфейсом. Теперь виден прогресс по задачам в Trello. Планируем использовать инструмент для статистики проектов на основе экспорта CSV-файлов из БД.