ChartMogul Revenue Recognition

Recognize subscription revenue in compliance with ASC 606

ChartMogul Revenue Recognition is useful for finance teams to help them prepare monthly and annual income statements and balance sheets. It automates the process of calculate revenue recognition schedules from billing and payment data – this saves finance teams countless hours, headaches, and dramatically improves efficiency of the finance workflow

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Hi Product Hunters. I'm the founder of ChartMogul. ChartMogul is known for making a subscription analytics product, but now we're excited to be launching a second product that comes from an internal need we had at ChartMogul; being able to easily calculate our earned and deferred revenues in compliance with ASC 606 guidelines. Instead of building some internal tools that only we would benefit from, we decided to make this into a product that (hopefully some of) our customers will benefit from. If you use Stripe, Braintree, or one of the many other payment tools we integrate with, then ChartMogul Revenue Recognition will be able to automate much of the heavy lifting required to generate revenue recognition schedules...vastly speeding up the process of preparing your income statements and balance sheets. For more info about what ASC 606 revenue recognition is and why it's important please read this post Please feel free to ask us any questions and we'll do our best to answer.
@nick_franklin Looks terrific. How much does it cost?
@gevaperry if you shoot our sales folk an email they can give you a demo and quote, for revenue recognition we don't have public pricing yet.
Very helpful, for marketing analytics... Great jobs