ChartMogul for iTunes Connect

Powerful analysis for iTunes Connect subscriptions

ChartMogul customers can now bring their subscription data from iTunes Connect into ChartMogul. With this integration, businesses can now better understand metrics such as monthly recurring revenue and the movements that impact it, as well as customer lifetime value based on plan type, device type, time of subscription and much more.

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This Valentine’s Day, we’re delivering a special gift to our fabulous ChartMogul users 🌹❤️ Since launching in 2015, iTunes Connect has been one of our most-requested integrations. And demand has only increased as Apple embraced subscriptions and added support for additional app categories. Today, I’m happy to share that customers can start analyzing their iTunes subscription data in ChartMogul. This latest integration makes it easier for SaaS and subscription companies to centralize their revenue data and perform powerful analyses. Bringing ChartMogul and iTunes Connect together means that app publishers can do more granular analysis of their users. Using our Enrichment API, ChartMogul users can add identifying information to app subscribers and start segmenting iTunes revenue by attributes like product usage, industry, etc. Customers can connect their iTunes data now by following these brief instructions: If you haven’t given ChartMogul a try yet, we offer a 14-day free trial, as well as a free plan for companies with under $10,000 in MRR. The whole team here is super excited about this integration. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback. We now have team members in 17 countries, so someone will be up to respond to you! 😉 My 💓 will always go on for you, PH. Nick
@nick_franklin well done! BTW, your product is one of my favorite products (I use it on a daly basis)... =) Keep on rocking!
@danielperis that's great to hear, many thanks for sharing!
@nick_franklin I didn't realize iTunes Connect had an API! Is it open to all makers, or just select partners?
@mijustin I'd like to tell you that we're select partners of Apple, but sadly we're just a regular software company, @ytvinay can probably point you in the right direction for their API
@mijustin Apple offers a Reporter tool that produces TSV/CSV/XML output of some underlying data. Docs here -

Hiper recommended product for all SaaS and now for all app businesses.


Easy to use, easy to implement, wonderful!


I couldn't find any