ChartMogul 2.0

Build a better subscription business.

ChartMogul helps you build a better subscription business, through data. Connect your billing system and get instant access to SaaS & subscription metrics like Churn Rate, Lifetime Value (LTV) and powerful analytics tools like Cohorts and Segmentation. Use data to understand your customers and

grow your business!

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Been following Chartmogul since meeting Nick early this year in SF. It's exciting to see 2.0 and all the great features the Chartmogul team has been adding over the past months. The new marketing site got an awesome upgrade too!
@zinssmeister many thanks! It's been a busy day. Give me a shout next time you're in Berlin! :)
We hope you love the new ChartMogul. Detailed info on what's new can be found in this blog post ...along with video of yours truly trying my best to explain what it's all about.