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Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Spreadsheets, databases, even live feeds. Import data from Spreadsheets, databases, even live feeds in a few clicks.ChartBlocks helps you to pick the correct part of your data for use in a chart . Use the chart builder to create almost any kind of chart. The ChartBlocks interface gives you control over every apect of your chart; from colors, sizes and fonts to adding grids and changing the number ticks on your axes. HTML5 charts that work on any browser and device. Grab the embed code and embed the chart on your own website. You can also share charts straight to Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.
Sam BellMaker@_samdb · Founder, ChartBlocks
One of the founders, here. We built @ChartBlocks because as an agency we used to implement charts on all of the websites we were building. It's only the start of what we want it to become so I'd love to hear people's feedback about what they would want from a product like this.
Shannon Fox@shanndfox · Product manager, co-founder of Canopy.
@_samdb @ChartBlocks I've been looking everywhere for something like this - something to connect a bunch of data sources into one simple, beautiful viz tool. Do you plan on having direct connections with products like
Sam BellMaker@_samdb · Founder, ChartBlocks
@shanndfox That's the plan. A lot of our work in the past has been making charts that are hooked up to data feeds. The idea is that you'll be able to do that without having to code it up yourself; either pick a supported data connection or provide a feed URL and then choose what data you want to pull into your chart.
Shannon Fox@shanndfox · Product manager, co-founder of Canopy.
@_samdb @shanndfox Cool, thanks. Going to look into it a bit more - but looks great so far :)
Pieter Walraven@pieterpaul · Founder & Product @ Pie -
I've been using Omni Graph Sketcher up until now, but this looks like it's a lot more powerful. Will def give it a try the next time I need to draw an up-and-to-the-right graph for a pitch deck ;) @_samdb anything you can say about how this differs and/or is better than Omni Graph Sketcher?
Sam BellMaker@_samdb · Founder, ChartBlocks
@PieterPaul We are purely web-based, unless you export your graphs as vectors. The idea being that you can create a chart, export as vector for your printed reports and then embed the interactive version of the same chart on your website. You can also feed your charts data via our APIs if you want so you don't even need to log into the app to update them.
Pieter Walraven@pieterpaul · Founder & Product @ Pie -
@_samdb Wow. Sounds MUCH more powerful, you guys make Omni Graph Sketcher look prehistoric?!
Andrew Brackin@brackin · Growth at Visor
This is awesome, I've been using Infogram for this exact use in blogposts, etc.
Sam BellMaker@_samdb · Founder, ChartBlocks
@brackin It's oEmbed compatible so (if you install the tiny plugin) you can paste ChartBlocks URLs into Wordpress and it will embed automatically. Hopefully we'll be on Wordpress' standard oEmbed provider list one day and the plugin won't be necessary.